We are aware that there are many craft beer breweries, not only in Australia, but all concentrated in Western Australia. Although they have a craft beer tag, a lot of these are now owned by the large beer companies. We like to think that by being independent and ideally located in the north of Perth, we have something special to offer.

Although we might not take ourselves seriously, we are very serious about making quality beer consistently and at an accessible price point that the consumer will be able to afford. The Indi has been carefully managed and developed to be authentic and true to its craft.  It is a simple, yet successful brewery, that makes quality beer and prizes itself on always being creative and fresh.

The Brewery team are young, yet experienced and energetic in what we do. We take pride in the recognition our little Brewery gets in Western Australia and nationally at the craft beer awards. The essence of who we are is being West Australian and enjoying the opportunities to distribute our beers to like-minded quality venues who also want to tell a good story in what they sell to their guests.

We keep our brewery as efficient as possible, sourcing ingredients from all around the world, with one thought in mind - quality.